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At, we are proud to offer only top-quality scales and products from the world's leading scale manufacturers. Our online catalog features complete product specifications, and most models include product photos. If you can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line from our Contact Us page, or call us at 718-336-5900.

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Products by Manufacturer:

  • Acculab - Economical digital electronic scales: laboratory scales, pocket mini scales, shipping scales, industrial scales, jewelry scales and scales for general purpose use.

  • A&D - Top of the line electronic digital scales: analytical scales, counting scales, and bench scales for laboratory, shipping, industrial, and general purpose use.

  • American Weigh - Top of the line Innovative pocket scale looks like an ordinary music CD! 1000 gram capacity with 0.1 gram readability. Weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweight.

  • Best Weight - Economical mechanical dial scales for industrial and general purpose use

  • CAS - Food service, grocery and industrial scales: Price Computing Scales, Label printing scales, point of sale terminal scales, portion control scales, crane scales, counting scales and more for restaurant, grocery, deli, cafeteria, industrial and general use.

  • Chatillon/Ametek - High quality mechanical and digital scales, and top of the line force testing equipment: digital crane scales, mechanical bench scales, shipping scales, mechanical hanging scales for grocery, warehouse, farm, high capacity industrial scales, force gauges, test stands and more.

  • Detecto - Durable mechanical beam scales: for doctors office, hospital, clinic, wellness center, gym, fitness center and home, plus shipping and mail room scales, food service scales and veterinary scales

  • Dillon - Heavy duty crane scales and dynamometers

  • DigiWeigh - Economical Digital Scales like Bathroom, Bodyfat, Kitchen, calorie Couting,Floor Scales,Lab Scale and more

  • Dillon - Force gauges, test stands, grips, SPC software and attachments

  • Easy Weigh - Price Computing Scales NTEP Legal for Trade

  • Hoto Instruments - Asker Durometers, Tachometers & Stroboscopes

  • Health O Meter - digital and mechancial physicians scales, baby scales, specialty medical scales and veterinary scales

  • Inscale - High capacity digital scales: floor scales and utility drum scales for industrial, farming, livestock and other heavy-duty uses.

  • Imada - Force Measurement Equipment: force gauges, push/pull gauges, test stands, grips and attachments.

  • Intercomp - Intercomp Company, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of portable weighing solutions, and has been serving the industrial, material handling and transportation industries for over 25 years. Producing the highest quality products while maintaining competitive pricing and a strong commitment to customer service has enabled us to continue leading the industry in the 21st Century

  • Mark-10 - Mark-10 has been an innovative designer of force and torque measuring instruments for nearly a quarter of a century. Mark-10 produces a wide range of standard equipment and offer full engineering capabilities for customized applications.

  • MedWeigh - High quality, durable, yet affordably priced digital medical scales from MedWeigh: wheelchair scales, handrail scales and high capacity bariatric scales

  • Mettler Toledo� - High quality, Shipping Scales,Counting Scales,Medical Scales and more

  • MinX - Economical pocket scales

  • Ohaus - Precision mechanical beam and electronic digital scales: Highly precision analytical / laboratory scales, industrial bench scales and indicators, general use portable digital scales, compact mini scales, and mechanical beam scales, including the popular Triple Beam, Ohaus Navigator, and Ohaus Adventurer balances.

  • Rice Lake - Top of the line Rice Lake Calibration Weights and Calibration Mass Sets

  • Salter Brecknell - Scales and Weighing Equipment

  • Sartorius - Top of the line analytical scales, moisture analyzers, water detection systems, explosion proof scales and paint mixing scales

  • Seca - Medical Scales, baby scales, specialty medical scales, veterinary scales and bathroom scales

  • Tanita - Electronic Digital Scales: Electronic jewelry scales trusted worldwide for precision and accuracy. Digital scales for grocery, restaurant, deli, retail and home. Kitchen scales and bathroom scales for home use. Home use cardio monitors body fat scales that measure both body weight and body fat percentage in seconds, and professional body composition analyzers and digital scales for hospital, doctors office, clinic and gym. Tanita also has digital bench scales for warehouse, shipping department and industrial use.

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