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Pallet Jack Scales

Pallet Jack Scales -- These digital pallet truck scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weights. The Pallet Jack Scales have been designed for use in rugged areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines. More info about Pallet Scales

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Rice Lake

By incorporating one of the pallet jack scales into your daily operations, you will be guaranteed an accurate weight reading of 0.1% of the applied load. Using one of the pallet jack scales below during routine handling operations allows for time savings over moving materials to a central scale and then to a final destination.

CAS Pallet Scales

Model CPS-1N CPS-2N CPS-Plus
CAS CPS-1 Series CAS CPS-2N Series CAS CPS-Plus Series
Price From $3,395.00 $3,395.00 $2,295.00
Capacity x Readability 3,000 x 1 lb 5,000 x 1 lb 5,000 x 1 lb
Legal for Trade -
Built-in Printer YES YES -
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Fairbanks Jack Scale

Model Pallet Weigh Pallet Weigh Plus
 Pallet Jack Scales  Pallet Jack + Scales
Price $1,867.50 $2,475.00
Capacity x Readability 3000 x 1 lb
5000 x 2 lb
3000 x 1 lb
5000 x 2 lb
Legal For Trade -
Dimensions 47.5" x 27" 47.5" x 27"
Optional Printer - YES
- More Info. More Info.

LP-Scale Pallet Jack Scales

Model LP7625 Series
Price From $1,291.20
Capacity X Readability 2500 lb X 0.5 lb
5000 lb X 1 lb
Legal for Trade
Optional Printer Yes
Dimensions 48" x 27"
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Adam Pallet Jack Scale

Model PTSplus Series PTT Series
Price From $1,895.00 $2,844.00
Capacity X Readability 5000 lb X 1 lb 5000 lb X 1 lb
Weighing Units kg, lb, lb:oz g, kg, ct, lb, oz, dr, mm, T, tonne
Optional Printer YES Built-In
  More Info. More Info.

Rice Lake Pallet Jack Scale

Model RL-HPJ Series
Price From $2,070.85
Capacity X Readability 5000 lb X 1 lb
Weighing Units Pound (lb), Kilograms (kg)
Optional Printer -
  More Info.

DigiWeigh Pallet Jack Scale

Price $1,595.00 $1,795.00
Capacity 4400 lbs x 0.5 lb
Type Pallet Jack Scale
Platform size 45" x 6.25", 27" spacing
Power Built-in rechargeable battery
Printer NO YES
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Intercomp Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet Scale PW800
Intercomp PW800 Pallet Truck Scale
Capacity x Readability 5000 x 1 lb
Price From $2,965.50
Optional Printer YES
More info

Your Basic Guide to Pallet Scales

Pallet scales are extremely versatile and useful scales that can save you time regardless of the reason you require them.

In the following blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about pallet scales, from what they are, the varieties and types they come in, and how you can choose one that fits you best.

What are pallet scales?

Pallet scales are highly professionalized scales that can weigh everything from crates to pets all the way to food and general goods. Commonly equipped with measurement indicators, these are highly popular industrial-scale options common and widespread due to their known reliability and efficiency. With their resilience, adaptability, and confidentiality, pallet scales are the powerful scale that you may be searching for.

How can pallet scales help you?

Pallet scales are ideal for weighing packages, goods, and containers before distribution or storage. In order to weigh numerous palleted goods, you can use a crane scale which can aid in the procedure. With pallet scales, you can measure and weigh palleted goods prior to storing them in order to guarantee that they do not exceed safety weight and working limits.

Pallet Platform scales: These scales lay flat on the floor with a ramp or sloped edges acting as a floor scale. This design specifically permits animals or goods to be moved on and off of the scale easily.

Pallet Truck scales: This heavy-duty scale has forklift options that help you easily weigh heavy objects as you maneuver and control their distributions, this effectively reduces loading time for each of your batches. Additionally, truck scales are brilliant as they provide large handles and impressive zero-pivot rotation capabilities, making this an ideal option when considering storage.

Pallet Beams: are essentially two small beams that are placed underneath the pallet, perfect for everything from cattle to crates and cages to general heavy goods. They have long and robust cables that can retract and expand depending on the weight of the weighted object.

Why this can interest you

Pallet scales make weighing a much easier task thanks to their adaptability and versatility. This effectively makes warehouse stock checking a much easier, more efficient, and much more cost-efficient resort.

Pallet scales’ usefulness is especially evident in the veterinary and agricultural world. Not only does the average time weighing animals decreased, but as well multiple animals can be weighed at once on larger platforms, and numerous cages can be placed side by side for higher time and cost efficiency.

Different types of pallet scales

With the varying weighing needs, pallet scales fit these needs with different types and models of scales. Below we’ll go over some of these scales in a more inspected manner:

Pallet beam scales

There is no doubt that beam pallet scales are among the most adaptive of pallet scales. Beam pallets can be categorized into two types: U-frame beams and dual beam scales. The dual beam, or parallel scale, is made up of two beams that are connected to the indicator itself.

Industrial weighing

You can use pallet beams without platforms for weighing large pipes, by placing them horizontally across the two weighing strips. The indicator features pre-selected weighing options to suit your needs including check weighing, parts counting, and percentage weighing. When weighing pipes or large construction materials, parts counting can help to keep an accurate check of how many pipes you are placing onto the scale as you go, whilst check weighing features can be customized to ensure that the weight recorded for each product is accurate and meets legal requirements.

Animal weighing

In order to ensure healthy animal living, zoos, and farms use pallet beam scales to maintain their animals to appropriate standards. Regardless, weighing animals is no easy task, and the pallet beam offers the best and relatively easiest way to achieve your goal. As animals tend to be heavier, wilder, and larger, the pallet beam scale permits you to place large cages to contain the animal in order for you to appropriately measure their accurate weight without them moving around.

Pallet truck scale

Otherwise known as forklift scales, or pallet jack scales, pallet truck scales are a quick and effective method of weighing with their adjustable base as it automatically measures the weight the moment it is placed on the pallet. The pallet truck scale is a famous option for industrial areas or warehouses, where heavy items can be weighed efficiently without a great deal of manpower and risk of employee injury. One of the things that make this scale so brilliant is its allowance to customize it with either red or green LEDs to indicate whether the weighted object is the correct or incorrect weight.

Platform scales

The most ideal method of weighing large and oversized goods is using a platform scale. These heavy-duty and industrial scales are amongst the most weight-tolerant scales on the market today. The adaptability of platform scales is evident, from animals to industrial goods, this scale is built to take on heavier loads and more difficult measurement tasks. These scales feature sloped rims providing all the support a ramp would be expected to provide, allowing for large palleted goods and industrial cargo to be pushed on or off effortlessly with comfort and ease and come in stainless steel models as well signifying their efficiency and durability.

You may have encountered a platform scale at your pet’s veterinary where dogs and other such pets can easily be weighed easily by weighing their average weights.


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