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Bariatric Scales

Bariatric Scales
Are you or anyone you know overweight or handicapped? Do you need a scale specializing in obesity and special needs care? Then ScalesGalore offers the widest variety of heavy-duty and accurate Bariatric Scales. Our selection includes Medical Scales designed to weigh heavy patients with a body weight of 550 pounds or more. We carry almost every Handrail, Wheelchair and Overweight Scale available. more ..
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With the ability to choose from every major manufacturer including Detecto, Seca, HealthOMeter and Seca finding the perfect Special Needs scale will be fast and simple! Even with the popular MedWeigh MS-2500 Digital Handrail Scale, Detecto SlimPRO Low Profile Health Care Scale, and Health O Meter 752KL Digital Medical Scale we always offer the highest quality products and service at the most affordable prices

Brecknell HS-300

Salter Brecknell HS-300 660 x 0.2 lb

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660 x 0.2 lb

with Handrail and build-in Height Rod More Info

Doran DS6150

Doran DS6150 Physician Scale w/Remote Indicator 500 x 0.2 lb

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500 x 0.2 lb

Large 15 x 12 inch platform More Info

Low-Profile Bariatric Scales

Model Seca 869 Seca 634 HealthOMeter 752KL Tanita WB-800
Seca 869 Seca 634 HealthOMeter 752KL Tanita WB-800
Capacity 550 x 0.5 lb
250 kg x 200 g
800 x 0.1 lb
360 kg x 50 g
600 x 0.2 lb
272 kg x 0.1 kg
660 x 0.2 lb
300 x 0.1 kg
Platform 313 mm x 315 mm 22 x 22 inch 14.25 in x 14.25 in 15.3 x 15.6 in
Connectivity - RS232 USB RS232, USB
Features Portable Optional Seca 360 Portable Step-on activation
More Info More Info More Info More Info

Model Detecto
Detecto 6800 Detecto DR660 Detecto
Detecto APEX-RI
Made in USA
Detecto 6800
Made in USA
Detecto DR660 Detecto GP-600-MV1
Capacity 600 lb x 0.2 lb
300 kg x 0.1 kg
1000 x 0.2 lb
450 x 0.1 kg
660 lb x 0.5 lb
300 kg x 0.2 kg
600 x 0.2 lb
270 x 0.1 kg
Platform 17 x 17 in 24 x 24 in 21.5 x 17.2 in 18 x 14 in
Connectivity RS232, USB RS232 RS232 RS232, USB
Features Portable, Optional BlueTooth Portable, Built-in Handle Portable, Built-in Handle, Built-in rechargeable battery Legal For Trade, Optional Wi-Fi,Optional Ethernet
More Info More Info More Info More Info

Mechanical Bariatric Scales

>Model HealthOmeter
402KL 402LB 450KL 450KL
Capacity x Readability 390 lb x 1/4 lb
180 kg x 100 g
390 lb x 1/4 lb 500 lb x 1/4 lb
200 kg x 100 g
500 lb x 1/4 lb
200 kg x 100 g
Platform Size 10 1/2" x 14"
Wheels - - - YES
Platform mat Non-Slip Black
  More Info More Info More Info More Info

Digital Bariatric Scales

Model Adam
Adam MDW-300L Adam MUW-300L Tanita WB-800P Detecto APEX
Made in USA
Detecto ICON
Made in USA
Capacity x Readability 660 x 0.1 lb
300 x 0.05 kg
660 x 0.1 lb
300 x 0.05 kg
660 x 0.2 lb
300 x 0.1 kg
660 x 0.2 lb
300 x 0.1 kg
600 x 0.2 lb
1000 x 0.5 lb
300 x 0.1 kg
500 x 0.2 kg
Platform 14.8 x 10.8 in 14.8 x 14.8 in 15.3" x 15.6" 17" x 17" 17" x 17"
Connectivity RS232 RS232 RS232, USB RS232, USB USB
Features Height Rod, Wheels Digital Height Rod, Wheels Wheels Optional Wi-Fi Ethernet, Optional Welch Allyn, Optional Sonar Height Rod Sonar Height Rod, Optional Wi-Fi Ethernet, Optional Welch Allyn
More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info

Model HealthOmeter
Seca 703 Brecknell
HealthOmeter 599KL HealthOmeter 600KL ELEVATE Seca 703 Brecknell HS-300 Brecknell MS140-300
Capacity 600 x 0.2 lb
272 x 0.1 kg
600 x 0.2 lb
272 x 0.1 kg
660 x 0.2 lb
300 kg x 0.1 kg
660 x 0.2 lb
300 kg x 0.1 kg
660 x 0.2 lb
300 kg x 0.1 kg
Platform 17 x 17 in 14-3/4 x 14-11/16 in 13.2 x 13.6 in 20.5 x 20.5 in 20.5 x 20.5 in
Connectivity USB USB RS232 RS232 RS232
Features Wheels, Optional WelchAllyn, Optional Height Rod Wheels, Height Rod, Optional Bluetooth, Optional Welch Allyn Height Rod, Optional Seca 360 Height Rod, Handrail Wheels, Handrail
More Info More Info More Info More Info More Info

Bariatric scales are essential tools in healthcare facilities catering to individuals with obesity or undergoing weight management programs. A bariatric scale, designed to accommodate higher weight capacities compared to standard scales, plays a pivotal role in accurately monitoring patients' progress and ensuring their safety during medical evaluations. These specialized bariatric weight scales offer robust construction and wide platforms, providing stability and comfort for patients of varying sizes. Healthcare professionals rely on bariatric weighing scales to obtain precise measurements crucial for determining treatment plans and tracking weight loss or gain accurately. With their capacity to support heavier weights, bariatric scales contribute significantly to the provision of comprehensive and tailored care for individuals requiring specialized attention in managing their weight and overall health.

Find The Right Bariatric Scales

Bariatric scale

Bariatric scales are essential in healthcare and other industries where accurate weight measurement is crucial. They accommodate higher weight capacities, ensuring precise readings for individuals with higher body weights. These scales are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and fitness centers to monitor patients and clients accurately.

The robust construction of bariatric scales ensures durability and long-term use, even under frequent and heavy usage. Many of these scales come with features like wide platforms and handrails for added safety and convenience, making them accessible for individuals with mobility challenges.

Benefits of Using Bariatric Scales

Using bariatric weight scales offers several benefits including precise weight measurements and more. Healthcare professionals use them to make informed decisions based on precise data, improving patient care and outcomes
Other benefits include:

  • Durability, making them reliable for long-term use
  • Ease of use
  • Accommodations for people of all sizes
A doctor and patient with a bariatric scale

Scales Galore: Your Choice for Bariatric Weighing Scalest

With models from all the leading manufacturers, Scales Galore is the go-to supplier of bariatric weighing scales. Our inventory includes choices from makers like Detecto and Seca. You also can find handrail medical scales and chair medical scales in our collection.

Order Bariatric Scales Today From Scales Galore

You can trust our bariatric scales whether your need one or several. Plus, we provide exceptional customer service, safe shipping, quick turn-arounds, and competitive pricing. Explore our selection of bariatric scales.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Scales

Bariatric scales are specialized tools that often raise questions regarding their use and benefits. Here are some common questions and their answers to help you understand these scales better.

Is a Bariatric Weight Scale Easy to Use?

Yes, bariatric weight scales are designed to be user-friendly. They often feature digital displays that provide clear and easy-to-read weight readings. Simple controls make it straightforward for users to operate the scales. Additionally, some models include support features such as handrails or wide platforms, which add ease of use and stability, particularly for individuals with mobility issues.

Where Are Bariatric Scales Commonly Used?

Bariatric scales are commonly used in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation facilities. They are also found in fitness centers and wellness programs where accurate weight monitoring is essential. These scales are crucial in monitoring the weight of individuals with higher body weights, aiding in effective health management.

Do Bariatric Scales Require Special Maintenance?

Bariatric scales are built to be durable and require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and periodic calibration are recommended to ensure accurate readings. To prolong the scale's lifespan and maintain its accuracy, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance and care. Proper upkeep ensures the scale continues to provide reliable performance over time.

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