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Rice Lake 108425 J-Box iQube2 4 Channel Junction Box 10 x 8 FRB Enclosure Installed 115/230 V AC Power

Rice Lake - Calibration Weights - Medical Scales
iQUBE²® is leading a new generation of digital junction boxes. At the forefront of iQUBE²'s cutting edge design are enhanced features that will redefine expectations for traditional analog to digital technology. more ...
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 Rice Lake 108425 J-Box iQube2 4 Channel Junction Box 10 x 8 FRB Enclosure Installed 115/230 V AC Power

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Rice Lake 108425 J-Box iQube2 4 Channel Junction Box 10 x 8 FRB Enclosure Installed 115/230 V AC Power
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Rice Lake
SKU: 108425


iQUBE²® is leading a new generation of digital junction boxes. At the forefront of iQUBE²s cutting edge design are enhanced features that will redefine expectations for traditional analog to digital technology.

For mission-critical applications and unmatched performance, iQUBE² is the equipment of choice. Its high-speed ability to update up to 500 times per second on multi-channels makes it the fastest smart junction box available. Unmatched reaction time brings accuracy to new levels, increasing precision and profits.

Enhanced onboard diagnostics will identify noise, test for linearity and zero reference, and monitor drift. Diagnostics are enhanced by a unique load cell emulation feature which compensates for a failing load cell until a repair can be made.

Designed to enhance speed and performance, iQUBE²® is the next generation of intelligent junction boxes. By taking standard j-box functions to a digital level, it offers more than any junction box you’ve ever known. iQUBE² has the unique ability to digitally monitor and communicate load cell performance, and when necessary will even compensate for a failing load cell until repairs can be made. By creating a digital signal, iQUBE² provides unparalleled speed and communication, and is far more resistant to electrostatic discharge and transient damage from lightning strikes than a traditional scale system. iQUBE² is ideal for systems requiring single or multiple scales with multiple cells. From floor and hopper scales to large multi-deck truck scales, iQUBE² is the required solution for any mission-critical application.

  • iQUBE2® board has four A/D channels
  • Stainless steel or Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), NEMA Type 4X polyester enclosure
  • Supports networking up to four boards, for 16 A/D channels. Connection can be up to four separate platforms with a system total, or four separate scale systems
  • Diagnostic routines for weighing errors and system health
  • Cell tests for overloaded, underloaded, zero reference, drift, noise and unbalanced conditions
  • Onboard status LEDs for communication and visual bi-color indication of cell health
  • Cell emulator compensates for load cell failure until a repair can be made
  • Cal-Match® algorithm automatically trims and calibrates the scale in one pass of test weights (stopping over each mount)
  • Standard communication RS-232/RS-422
  • Option card slot for fiber optic, Ethernet TCP/IP, wireless TPC/IP, USB or RS-232/485
  • Four digital I/O per card, for push button operation, set point control or cell status
  • Truck and railroad scales
  • Tank and hopper scales
  • Multi-channel scales
  • Interfaces to 920i®, Virtui2®, and ASCII serial commands

Accuracy translates to profits
Your scale controls either the quality or quantity of the product you are weighing. In other words, your scale accuracy is directly related to profits. Many factors can affect your scale accuracy, which can go unnoticed. iQUBE² monitors each load cell for weighing errors

Speed enhances precision
Faster data feedback improves the weight response efficiency of the HMI indicator. Whatever batching control application you are monitoring, iQUBE² gives you real-time data for precision control. Accurate targets can be achieved in fast fill applications like asphalt, grain or chemicals where both speed and accuracy are required. Even though update speed is extremely fast, the accuracy is enhanced with an adaptive digital filter

The benefits of QUBE2 diagnostics
iQUBE², when used with a diagnostic screen, displays and tracks cell performance, weight, dead load and current values for each load cell. The diagnostics system checks A/D, excitation, communication and load cell bridges.

iQUBE2 Diagnostics
iQUBE2 Tests for Return to Zero If any load cell within a scale system does not return to zero, it could be an indication of scale binding or a damaged load cell. A cell or scale that is binding could be zeroed and appear to work, but still not weigh correctly. The iQUBE² diagnostic data will troubleshoot these situations and pinpoint any problem areas.

iQUBE2 Tests for Cell Balance
Many factors influence scale linearity; however, when a scale is nonlinear, it usually isn’t noticed until inventory shortages have already occurred. iQUBE² verifies linearity by monitoring load cell tolerances

iQUBE2® Identifies Noise/Instability
Noise is the most common problem in a scale system, caused by deteriorating resistance to ground. Because of intermittency it can be difficult to isolate from environmental effects like wind or vibration. One faulty load cell can cause system instability.

iQUBE2 Monitors Drift
Drift under load affects the accuracy of weighment. When a system is loaded, drift can easily be mistaken as a legitimate weight change. Drift can be caused when load cell resistance changes because of corrosion, temperature change or strain gauge damage, which produces weighing

QUBE2 creates a virtual load cell to keep your scale running
The iQUBE² cell emulation feature calculates what the weight should be based on known comparisons to functional load cells. For mission-critical applications, cell emulation can keep your scale weighing even through a load cell failure.

iQUBE2 features digital I/O
Each channel has a digital I/O that can be used to indicate load cell health, activate control devices or read input switch closures.

iQUBE2 extra protection
Install an optional fiber optic interface board to immunize the iQUBE² from lightning damage through serial communication lines. Fiber optics is a non-conductive communication option where electrical disturbances cannot travel. (Typical communication cable is a metal conductor, a pathway for electrical transients and can pick up inductive electrical pulses caused by lightning.)

iQUBE2 enclosures
Choose from fiberglass reinforced polyester or stainless steel case.

Weight: 2.00 lb
2 Year Manufacture Warranty
Other Rice Lake iQube2

Transient Protection RoHS Compliant - Must order with iQube


Tripp-Lite USB to RS232 9 pin Serial Converter/Adapter


VIRTUi2® PC-based HMI for iQUBE² - Activation Code


J-Box iQube2 4 Channel Junction Box 10 x 8 FRB Enclosure Installed 115/230 V AC Power


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