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RADWAG UYA 4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparator 5.1 g x 0.0001 mg

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Mass comparator UYA 4Y.KO series, comprises two components. One of them holds the electronic module, and the other precise mechanical measuring system. more ...
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RADWAG UYA 4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparator 5.1 g x 0.0001 mg

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Capacity x Readability
5.1 gx 0.0001 mg
Pan Size
16 mm (Diameter)
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RADWAG UYA 4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparator 5.1 g x 0.0001 mg
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Mass comparator UYA 4Y.KO series, comprises two components. One of them holds the electronic module, and the other precise mechanical measuring system. Such solution guarantees elimination of temperature influence (warming of electronic elements) on the comparators indications. The comparator features an aesthetic, cylindrically shaped weighing chamber with glass draft shield and automatic door opening system. All elements of the weighing chamber are manufactured from glass or metal to minimize the influence of electrostatic charges on the measuring result.

Mass comparators are used for both, ensuring traceability of mass measurements and verification of weights in accordance with the principles of legal metrology. RADWAG Mass Comparators have gained recognition among Accredited Calibration Laboratories in many countries.

  • Features Effective and Excellent Measurement UYA 4Y.KO mass comparators allow to compare 1 g - 5 g weights of class E1 and lower. The devices are characterised by the highest repeatability, 0.1 µ.
  • Maximum Comfort of Operation UYA 4Y.KO mass comparators are equipped with an auto-open weighing chamber that is highly resistant to air drafts. The chamber is made of glass, this makes the compared weight visible from any angle
  • Excellent Measurement Repeatability Each UYA 4Y.KO mass comparator is equipped with an additional external anti-draft chamber by standard, use of this accessory allows to minimize the influence of temperature change and air drafts on the measurements. Since all the external chamber components are made of either glass or metal the effect exerted by an electrostatic field on the weighing result is reduced.
  • Dedicated Software Specially designed RMCS computer software enables comprehensive realisation of calibration procedures in laboratory. The system manages the whole calibration process, starting from the moment the order is placed, through procedure performance, to the moment of issuing the calibration certificate.
  • Mass comparator
  • Ambient conditions measurement
  • Proximity sensors
  • Replaceable units
  • Multilingual menu
  • Autotest
  • Automatic sliding door

Weight: 20.00 lb


Model AK-4/100
Capacity x Readability 5.1 g x 0.0001 mg
Repeatability for nominal load* 0.4 µ(5 g)
Repeatability for small load* 0.25 µ (100 mg)
Stabilization time 30 s
Adjustment Internal Calibration
Electric compensation range 0 ÷ 5.1 g
Eccentricity (for test weight) 1 d / 1 mm
OIML calibration range E1 1 mg ÷ 5 g
OIML calibration range E2 1 mg ÷ 5 g
OIML calibration range F1 1 mg ÷ 5 g
OIML calibration range F2 1 mg ÷ 5 g
OIML calibration range M1 1 mg ÷ 5 g
OIML calibration range M2 1 mg ÷ 5 g
Display 5.7" color resistive touch screen
Keypad 8 keys
Ingress protection - indicator IP 43
Touch-free operation 2 programmable sensors
Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbit
RS-232 2
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
IN/OUT 4 x IN, 4 x OUT
Power supply 110 ÷ 230 V AC / 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Operating temperature +15 ÷ +30 °C
Operating temperature change rate ± 0.5 °C / 12 h (± 0.3 °C / 4 h)
Relative humidity variations ± 2% / 4 h
Relative humidity*** 40 ÷ 60%
Transport and storage temperature –20 ÷ +50 °C
Weighing pan dimensions ø 16 mm
Mass comparator dimensions** 411 x 163 x 183 mm
Indicator dimensions** 206 x 140 x 71 mm
Anti-draft chamber dimensions** 560 x 250 x 350 mm
Mass comparator net weight 9.1 kg
Mass comparator gross weight 16.6 kg
Anti-draft chamber net weight 7.6 kg
Anti-draft chamber gross weight 10.9 kg
Mass comparator packaging dimensions** 660 x 660 x 455 mm
Anti-draft chamber packaging 820 x 840 x 630 mm
* repeatability is expressed as a standard deviation determined for 6 ABBA cycles
** non-condensing conditions
*** dimensions: length x width x depth
**** optional design

Accessories - Call for more info

Weighing Tables
granite anti-vibration table
anti-vibration table for laboratory balances
professional weighing table
Ambient Conditions
THB-S or THB-P sensor
Peripheral Devices
Epson dot matrix printer
barcode scanner
WD-5/3Y LCD display (backlit)
Cables, Converters
RS-232 – P0108 computer cable
RS-232 – P0167 computer cable
RS-232 – P0151 Epson printer cable
Electrical Accessories
power supply with ZR–02 battery
Anti-Draft Chambers
MYA anti-draft chamber

Dedicated Software (not included) - Call for more info

    RMCS System
  • performance of calibration procedures in a laboratory from the moment the order is placed, to the moment of issuing a calibration certificate
  • compatible with THB sensors enabling recording ambient conditions
  • export of report results to various files
  • archiving calibration protocols, orders, certificates and ambient conditions
    RADWAG Remote Desktop
  • remote control of the mass comparator using computer, telephone or tablet
  • sending text messages
  • version for Windows 10 and Android systems
  • collecting measurements
  • carrying out statistical analysis of measurements
  • customized graphs and reports
    Parameters Editor
  • remote change of parameters
  • remote on-line preview of the display
  • displaying current mass indication
  • software update
  • file loading, editing and saving parameters to a file
  • import and export of parameters
  • interfaces: RS232, Ethernet and Wireless Connection
  • quick and easy edition of balance parameters using computer

* within the 48 continental US States

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