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MSI-9850 (502426-0001) Cellscale RF Digital Indicator

 MSI - Measurement Systems International Crane Scales
The MSI-9850 RF Digital Indicator is the latest addition to complement MSI’s CellScale technology. Combined with one or more MSI CellScale components, the MSI-9850 serves as a wireless remote controller and weight indicator providing remote access to multiple scales and sensors in a configured CellScale network more ...
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MSI-9850 (502426-0001) Cellscale RF Digital Indicator

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MSI-9850 (502426-0001) Cellscale RF Digital Indicator

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SKU: 502426-0001


The MSI-9850 RF Digital Indicator delivers outstanding performance in the most demanding environments

The MSI-9850 RF Digital Indicator is the latest addition to complement MSI’s CellScale technology. Combined with one or more MSI CellScale components, the MSI-9850 serves as a wireless remote controller and weight indicator providing remote access to multiple scales and sensors in a configured CellScale network

All CellScale component features are supported remotely by the MSI-9850, including calibration, data-logging, totalizing and statistics. The MSI-9850 features a large primary weight display that is easily viewed from a distance and a secondary information display that provides complete visibility to all selected scales and sensors configured in a CellScale network

The MSI-9850 also provides a simple user interface to all of the advanced features of CellScale wireless technology. Enhanced data acquisition, sophisticated data-logging, and remote control of multiple scales and sensors can be initiated and managed through the MSI-9850. Rugged industrial packaging and flexible-mounting options allow the MSI-9850 to easily integrate and provide outstanding performance in the most demanding applications. Also see specifications for other CellScale components: MSI-9000, MSI-9020, MSI-9750A, and MSI-6260CS, MSI-9300, and MSI-9300HT crane scales for complete capabilities and solutions provided through CellScale technology.

28.70   Y: 9.00   Z: 14.00
Weight: 10.00 lb
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-9850 (502426-0001
) Cellscale RF Digital Indicator


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MSI-9850 Cellscale RF Digital Indicator



Model MSI-9850
Enclosure NEMA 4, IP65 milled anodized aluminum with O-ring gaskets
NEMA 6, IP67 with optional long-range antenna
Weight 5.0 lb (2.8 kg)
Keypad 33 keys – 12 key alphanumeric, 4 cursor keys, 7 control keys and 10 user programmable keys. Password protected with lock feature
Weight Display Six-digit, 1.2 in (30 mm) high numeric weight LED, 4 alphanumeric 0.5 in (13 mm) high data LED, 6 LED function select annunciators, 10 LED annunciators, Low battery LED indicator
Information Display 1.4 in x 2.6 in (36 mm x 67 mm) backlit LCD. Capable of 8 lines of 21 characters each backlight selectable On, Off or Automatic
Power Input Internal AC/DC Power Supply: 85-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz/130-300 VDC. Also included an independent 7-25 VDC power input (requires optional power/switch interface cable)
Operating Temperature 4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Radio Link FHSS at 2.4 GHz (up to 64 network selections)
Radio Link Effective Range Typically 500 ft (150 m) indoor, 1000 ft (300 m) outdoor with standard antennas. (See optional antennas for longer range)
Standard Antenna 1/2 wave 2dBi, articulated
RFI/EMI Shielding Exceeds NIST Handbook 44 and CE Standards
Connectors RS-232, Turck compatible Pico connector
Legal for Trage NTEP CC 05-077
Standard Features
Scale/Channel Monitoring Monitors all scale channels, easy 1 button network and/or channel changes. Supports multiple display of CellScale Channels (up to 8 simultaneously)
Calibration Remotely calibrates networked CellScale components
Real-Time Clock Supports date/time stamping in USA and European formats
Internal Audible Alarm Four unique tones available for both set and reset conditions
Data-Logging Captures weighing data automatically or manually
Barcode Scanner Interface Permits bar code scanners to connect directly to the MSI-9850
Data I/O Two Comm Ports, baud rates 300 to 230.4K
Comm Port 1 is RS-232 and RS-422 selectable
Comm Port 2 is dedicated RS-232
Totalizing, Statistics and Product IDs MSI-9850 (Function Key or Automatic). Each ID code retains full statistics on totaled loads. Up to 32 alphanumeric product IDs can be accessed and programmed
Set Point Outputs Five relay driver outputs for 5 V - 24 V external relays. Four relay driver outputs available when the 5 V is provided by the MSI-9850
FIXED KEYS Power, Zero, Net/Gross, Tare, Alpha, Enter, Setup/Escape, Clear, Exit, 0-9
PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTION KEYS (10 programmable to any of the following)
Data String Entry Permits barcode or keypad data string entry (up to four available)
Total Totalizes loads
Clear Last Total Removes last totalized load
Show Next channel, last channel, next address, last address, next product ID, last product ID, totals, grand totals (Ó) or statistics
Date and Time Displays current date and time
Enter/Edit Product ID print strings 1 and 2
Send/Edit Print Strings Sends/edits print strings to selectable targets
Change Units Change units of measure
Setpoints Controls and programs CellScale setpoints Up to 32 setpoints with messaging capability
Peak Hold Turns peak hold function “On” or “Off”
Key Disabled Disables selected function key
Signal Strength Test Tests for RF signal strength
Display Test Characters Performs display test of all screens
Data-Logging Enables automatic or manual data-logging
Barcode Scanner Interface Allows user access to bar code strings
    Options and Accessories
  • NTEP Certified
  • RF Remote Controller includes: On/Off, Zero, Tare, Net/Gross, Total, View Sum and programmable function keys (typical range 50 ft / 15 m)
  • Non-Isolated DC/DC Input Power: 7-25 VDC power input only Includes unterminated DC input cord
  • Isolated DC/DC Input Power: 10-36 VDC or 20-72 VDC (specify) Includes unterminated DC input cord
  • Long Range Antennas: Optional - (contact factory for further information)
  • RS-232 Serial Cable: 13 ft (4 m) serial cable with standard DB-9 serial connector
  • Ethernet Connectivity: Wireless or hardwired 802.11 b/g
  • 4-20 mA Output: Provides a programmable current output available in single, dual or quad configurations
  • Internal Setpoint Relays: Provides up to eight setpoint relay outputs both coil and solid-state relay types supported. (contact factory for further information)
  • Relay Control Kit: Provides an external I/O relay board (uses standard industrial I/O modules) for interfacing to setpoints, I/O modules not included
  • Power/Switch Interface Cable: 13 ft (4 m) for use with 7-25 VDC power input source
  • External Setpoint Relay Output Cable: 6.5 ft (2 m)
  • External Audible Alarm: Setpoint controlled, 95dBa (contact factory for further information)
  • Universal Mounting Bracket: Desktop or Wall/Bulkhead Mount Versions available

Optional Accessories

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MSI 149549 (503486-0001) Universal 115 / 230 VAC 50/60 Hz (NA plug standard) battery charger for MSI-8000 remote display
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MSI 503486-0001 Universal 115/ 230 VAC 50/60 Hz (NA Plug Standard) Battery charger for MSI-8000 Remote display

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