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Health O Meter



Health O Meter
HealthOMeter 500HB Handlebar Accessory for the 500 Series Scales
The 500HB Handlebar Accessory can be mounted to your new or existing 500KL, 500KG, 500KL-BT & 500KG-BT.> more ...
Seca Mobile Support Carts
From: $60.77
The seca 408 paper roll holder is a useful accessory for the seca 402 cart. The holder can be quickly and easily installed in the available threaded inserts or can be refitted at any time. Without any tools, the user can replace the paper roll by simply hooking and unhooking the rod. more ...
Seca Accessories
From: $40.90
This practical carrying case is designed to safely transport either of the following flat scales: seca 874, seca 876 or seca 803 more ...
Seca 115 Medical PC software for diagnostic assistance
From: $435.36
With the network-capable software seca analytics 115, optionally available with three or six workstation licenses, doctors can process measurements from EMR ready products, including seca mVSA and seca mBCA, in seven modules on the PC and thereby significantly improve the quality of the medical examination. more ...
Seca A683210270009 AC Adapter for Seca 777 787 797
Seca A683210270009 AC Adapter for Seca 777 787 797> more ...
Seca 418 Head and Foot positioners for Seca 374
Easy and convenient: The head and foot positioners seca 418 can easily be attached to the baby scales seca 374 with just three screws. This is an accessory which makes the baby even more secure when weighing as the baby is additionally secured at the top and bottom end of the weighing tray. Integrated handles also make it easier to transport the seca 374.> more ...
Seca 428 Carrying Case
Seca scale carrying case> more ...
Seca 400 AC adapter for Seca 334 / 374 / 703 / 763 / 769 / 869 / 952 / 954
AC adapter for Seca 400 AC adapter for Seca 334 / 374 / 703 / 763 / 769 / 869 / 952 / 954> more ...
Seca 449 AC adapter for Seca Scales
Seca 449 AC adapter for Seca Scales> more ...
Seca 413 Carry Case for 354 and 383
With this case, baby scales seca 354 can be transported comfortably and safely. The exact fit of the seca 413 provides optimum protection for each pair of scales; the large opening facilitates the packing and unpacking of the scales. An adjustable shoulder strap makes transport easier. The water-repellent nylon surface of the case enhances protection.> more ...
Seca 437 Adapter Element
Inserted between the base of the stadiometer and platform, the adapter element fastens the system to a flat scale. A patient can be weighed and measured in just one step.> more ...
Seca 463 Barcode Scanner Mount
Seca 463 Barcode Scanner Mount> more ...
Seca 421 Carrying Case
Seca scale carrying case> more ...
Seca 404 Graph-Ease Growth Chart Plotter
Seca Graph-Ease Growth Chart Plotter is a convenient aid to track the growth and weight of your patients in percentiles. By simply lining the vertical and horizontal lines on your growth chart and marking the point through a convenient hole at the line intersection, you will be able to asses the changes of your patients’ physical parameters.> more ...
Seca 414 Case for Baby Scales
This carrying case of water-repellent nylon is a robust aid for the Seca 354 & 364 baby scales. Taylor-made shoulder pads and reinforced side walls provide optimum protection and transport is easy and comfortable with the adjustable strap or handle> more ...
Seca 456 Wireless 360 USB adapter
The 360° wireless USB adapter seca 456 enables PCs to receive wirelessly transmitted data from the seca 360° wireless devices> more ...
Seca 459 Panda Bear Bao Bao for Measuring Stations and Column Scales
The seca panda bear convinces even the most skeptical child to be weighed and measured. With the panda bear, seca measuring stations and column scales look friendlier in children’s eyes and the measuring process can be performed in no time. Compatible with seca Scale-up Line, seca 286, seca 703, seca 777, seca 787 and seca 797> more ...
Seca 233 Measuring Rod for seca 374
The measuring rod seca 233 with integrated head and foot positioner turns the seca 376 into a complete weighing and measuring system. A single time-saving step for weighing and measuring is made possible by the easy assembly and effortless read-out of results.> more ...
Seca 456 Wireless Welch Allyn 360 USB adapter
USB adapter for data transfer to a Welch Allyn Connex® monitor.> more ...
Seca 472 Stand For Scale Display and Measuring Rods
The seca 472 stand is the stable solution for cable remote displays of seca scales and measuring rods seca 882, seca 242, seca 634, seca 656, seca 674, seca 656 and seca 984. The stable construction with non-slip rubber feet replaces the former model on transport castors and can be positioned anywhere quickly and securely> more ...
LW Measurements Tree LC-VS-REMOTE Remote Display for LS-VS-60 and LS-VS-330
FREE Ground Shipping *
LW Measurements Tree LC-VS-REMOTE Remote Display for LS-VS-60 and LS-VS-330> more ...
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