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AND AD-5100 Programmable Weighing Indicators AND Weighing
The AND Weighing AD-5100 is versatile, high resolution indicators offering reliable, state-of-the-art performance for the most demanding industrial applications.
AND AD-5000 Digital Scale Indicators
AND AD-5000 Indicator above
AND AD-5100 Digital Scale Indicators
AND AD-5100 Indicator above

AND AD-5000 & AD-5100 Programmable Weighing Indicators


Accessories for AD-5000:
AD-5000-14 Lightning Protection for each ASCII Outputs (set), Add $25
AD-5000-20 Counting Operation (EPROM) - not used with AD-5100, Add $167
AD-5000-255 Unpopulated Relay Board (order AD-5000-IR/OR separately), Add $218
AD-5000-755 Analog Output Board, Add $190
AD-5000-IR Input Relays for AD-5000-255 (2 per AD-5000-255), Add $35
AD-5000-OR Output Relays for AD-5000-255, Add $35
Accessories for AD-5100:
AD-5100-09 Time and Date Module for AD-5100, Add $95
AD-5100-255 Unpopulated Relay Board, Add $348
AD-5100-IR Input Relays for AD-5100-255 (2 per AD-5100-255), Add $35
AD-5100-OR Output Relays for AD-5100-255, Add $35


Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Versatile, high resolution indicators offering reliable, state of the art performance for the most demanding industrial applications

The AND Weighing AD-5000-55 and AD-5100 are versatile, high resolution indicators offering reliable, state-of-the-art performance for the most demanding industrial applications.

  • Rugged Construction - Wall or table mount stainless steel enclosure for washdown applications. The large, sealed tactile operator keys are operable even when wearing gloves

  • Large, Bright Display - Full 1 inch high, 6 digit LED weight display is easy to read from virtually any viewing angle. Fourteen brightness adjustments suit varying lighting conditions

  • High Resolution - With over 1 million internal resolution, the AD-5000 and AD-5100 responnd to even the nost challenging filling, batching, data collection, checkweighing and counting demands.

  • Fast Update Rate - With up to 60 updates per second, the AD-5000 and AD-5100 indicators offer quick response to dynamic weighing applications and batching cutoff judgements. A Peak-Hold option utilizes this speed for force and tensile testing applications

  • Applications - The AD-5000 and AD-5100 have features and versatility for the user to build a customized data collection or process control system. The setpoint and scale basic programmability can often serve as a standalone process controller in instances where other digital weight indicators would require the support of an expensive, complex Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). When necessary, networking and analog outputs are available for system integration.

  • Setpoints - 500 setpoints are user definable for relay outputs, activating timers or alarms, storing data and executing other scale basic functions.

  • Scale Basic Functions - Allows the user to instruct the AD-500 or AD-5100 to perform functions (macros) specific to your application needs. There are two types of Scale Basic Functions, user programmable and built in. Sixteen user defined functions can be programmed to execute specific series of insstructions, perform calculations and make branching decisions.

  • 500 Weigh In/ Weigh Out Memories - The AD-5000 accepts up to 500 IDs, each with a weigh-in memory and accumulator. To weigh in, enter up to 8 digits for the ID, then press ENTER. The AD-5000 will capture the weight from the scale (either tare or gross), store it and send the ID and weight value to a printer and/or computer. To weigh out, enter the ID, the AD-5000 captures the new weight on the scale, calculates gross, net and tare, totalizes the net weight and sent the weigh out data to a printer and/or computer. The AD-5100 will perform the same functions when ID's are transmitted from a computer.

  • Counting Option - Connect the Ad-500 to any capacity platform to suit your counting needs. The high 1,000,000 internal resolution and AND's exclusive Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) combine to provide precise and efficient counting performance.

  • Serial I/O - Both the AD-500 and AD-5100 have two standard bi-directional serial communicatino ports for connection to printers, bar code inputs, remote displays, computer communications and remote control. The serial ports support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and 20mA Current Loop.

  • Parallel I/O - Both the AD-5000 and AD-5100 have one parallel TTL I/O port which can be used as a Centronics output to a printer or as a remote control inputs and setpoint outputs.

  • 4 User Definable Print Formats - Design your own print formats to include 7 alphanumeric headers and time and date. (Time and date is standard on the AD-5000, an option on the AD-5100)

  • EZ LInk Programming Software - The AD-5000-99 EZ Link Programming Software allows you to develop your operation programs through user-friendly Windows-driven software. Programs can be uploaded or downloaded to one or more AD-5000s/AD-5100s and stored for safe keeping and future reference. This software also contains several sample industrial scale application programs.

  • System Integration - One or more AD-5000/AD-5100 indicators can be integrated into an entire manufacturing system or process. All operation instructions may be downloaded to the AD-5000/AD-5100 via a computer

  • Other Valuable Features
    • RFI/EMI protection
    • Lightning proteciton
    • Auto zero maintenance
    • Analog and digital filtering
    • Six selectable units of measure and one user definable
    • Full digital calibration
    • 3 setup and operation security levels
    • System diagnostics and watchdog circuitry
    • 12-28 VDC battery operation
    • 5 point linearization
    • Calibration audit and configuration numbers



Includes RS-485 plus date and time
Price $850.00
Power Requirements 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
12-28 VDC
Operating Temperature -10°C to + 40 °C (14 °F to 104 °F)
Standard Accessories Operation manual, capacity stickers
Process Control
Setpoints 500 sets of IDs
Inputs 3, TTL user programmable
Outputs 3, TTL user programmable
Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Signal Sensitivity 0.1m V/D graduation minimum recommended
Signal Range 0.5m V/V - +6m V/V
Load Cell Excitation 10 + 0.5 VDC (-5 to +5)
Load Cell Current 12 each 350 or 24 each 700 ohm load cells
A/D Resolution 1.048,000
A/D Conversion Rate 60 per second
Auto Zero Tracking 240 settings: (0-60 x 1/4 grad)
Auto Zero Delay 250 settings: (0-25 x 0.1 seconds)
Motion Detect 240 settings: (0-60 x 1/4 grad)
Motion Delay 250 settings: (0-25 x 0.1 second)
Digital Section
Weight Display 6 digit red LED, 1 inch high (16 brightness adjust), 6 status LEDs
Display Update Rate 60 / second
Maximum Display Resolution 300,000 d, 10,000 HB44 200,000 d, 10,000 HB44
Minimum Division 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Decimal Point 0 - 4 places
Maximum Display 999990
Control Keys ZERO, TARE, NET/GROSS, UNITS, PRINT, CLEAR, ENTER (all keys are user programmable
Units of Measure Select any two: lb, kg, g, oz, ton, the, and user definable
Calibration Modes Front panel with ZERO and SPAN stored in EAROM. Reverse calibration (SPAN then ZERO) is also selectable
Linearity 5 point selectable
Memory 500 ID, 32K RAM
Serial Port 1 RS-232C or Current Loop, selectable
Serial Port 2 RS-485, RS-232C or Current Loop, selectable
Parallel Port Centronics/TTL I/O (9 out / 4 in), selectable
Error Displays 24
Watchdog Timer Fault tolerant operation
Diagnostic Tests 9 communications (display in, error in count, display out, & loop-back test), A/D test, internal memory test, display and lamp test


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