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AND AD-4402 Digital Weighing Indicators AND Weighing
The AD-4402 indicator is designed for batching operations and can also be incorporated into systems using Field Bus such as CC-Link, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS. AD-4402 has almost all the functions, user-friendly operating procedures and software you need for your weighing system.
AND AD-4402 Digital Scale Indicators

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Performs many operations, from batch weighing to field bus networking applications

The AD-4402 indicator is designed for batching operations and can also be incorporated into systems using Field Bus such as CC-Link, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS. AD-4402 has almost all the functions, user-friendly operating procedures and software you need for your weighing system.

  • High-speed sampling (100 times per second)
  • Internal 1,000,000 Resolution
  • 5 Lines of Weight & Status Displays
  • Recipe & Sequencing Memories
  • Standard RS-232/422/485
  • Option Field Bus Networking--DeviceNet, PROFIBUS & CC-Link
  • Hopper gate control is done by forecast control mode with 1 msec high speed response
  • Incorporates recipe and mixing modes
  • Select from 50+ functions for each of the 11 control inputs and 11 control outputs
  • Meets Fieldbus requirement by employing CC-Link DeviceNet and PROFIBUS
  • Large and easy to read blue vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
  • Uses a ten key pad and function buttons that are designed for ease of operation and uncerstanding
  • The main display has a 7 digit VFD with 18mm high characters
  • The subdisplay has 108, 5mm high characters and shows the values and error comments
  • Pre-programmed with multiple sequences and functions for filling machines, simple mixing machines and other applications
  • Stores 100 data for raw materials and 100 data for recipe codes
  • RS-485 serial interface standard feature allows you to link up to 32 units to the display and supports the Modbus function
  • The Monitor Function shows each operating interface and provides a confirmation on the display
  • The compact body meets DIN requirements while minimizing the depth of the indicator to 135mm
  • With the proper optional interface, the AD-4402 is compatible with CC-Link, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS
  • 2 year warranty
AD-4402 Digital Weighing Indicator

Price: $1747.50

AD-4402-01 BCD Output, Add $357
AD-4402-02 Relay Output, Add $357
AD-4402-03 RS-422/485, Add $357
AD-4402-04 RS-232C, Add $357
AD-4402-05 Parallel I/O, Add $357
AD-4402-07 Analog Output, Add $470
AD-4402-20 CC Link Interface, Add $595
Call 800-832-0055 for information about DeviceNet and PROFIBUS interfaces


Shipping Weight: 10 lbs


AND AD-4402 Digital Scale Indicators


AD-4402 can be incorporated in various applications that integrate complex systems, thereby facilitating a wide variety of sequences, such as basic filling/discharge, recipe, mixing, compensation and preliminary sequences.

AND AD-4402 Digital Scale Indicators


  • AND AD-4402 Digital Scale IndicatorsSequential Weighing Mode - The sequential weighing mode directly outputs control signals such as supply, discharge, preliminary-full-medium-dribble flow, recipe and mixing materials and nozzle control without PLC
  • Interface Monitoring Function - Control I/O, RS-232C, -422, -485 I/F, Current Loop, A/D converter, BCD output, Relay output, Parallel I/O, Analog output, etc can be monitored to see if they are working correctly. You can see each interface status visually during operation without stopping the weighing system
  • 11 Control Inputs / 11 Control Outputs - 50+ functions (such as Full Flow, Over, Under, Discharge Bin, Net Display, etc) for each of the 11 Control Inputs and 11 Control Outputs, depending on the weighing system
  • Standard RS-485 - 32 indicators can be hooked up to the PLC (programmable logic controller), a PC or other equipment that supports Modbus. This is useful for control commands input and recalling/updating the code memory
  • Optional Field bus networking interface boards for CC-Link, DeviceNet or PROFIBUS - To meet increasing requirements for networking with field bus systems, there are three bus-interface options (CC-Link, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS), which can be hooked up directly to the PLC units. More than two indicators can be hooked up to the PLC at one time.
  • AND AD-4402 Digital Scale Indicators Interactive Messages - Messages that assis current operations are shown on the display and alloy anyone to operate the AD-4402 without an instruction manual. Just follow the interactive setting and operating procedures on the display. Sometimes mistakes happen. When they do, a message is displayed so you can recognize the situation and take corrective steps.
  • Digital Span and Gravity Acceleration Compensation - When you cannot use an actual calibration weight due to location, just input the load cell rated output voltage for zero point and full capacity calibration. After moving the calibrated weighing system, recalibrate it by inputting the local gravity acceleration value.
  • Calibrated A/D Board - The A/D board is calibrated before shipment and guaranteed to 1/500 accuracy. You can quickly replace the A/D board if there is a malfunction.
  • Safety Check Function - This function is used to stop the sequence when an error or emergency occurs. When the safety function is used, an error code is displayed and an error signal is output automatically to the PLC to stop the system. Up to eight emergency overrides can be installed.

AND AD-4402 Digital Scale Indicators


Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Load cell excitation 10 VDC ±5% 230mA, Remote Sensing (up to 8 load cells at 350/load cell)
ZERO Adjustment Range 0mV - 20mV
Input Sensitivity 0.3µ V/D
Zero Temperature coefficient 0.02µ V + 8ppm ofdead load)/°C (typically)
Span Temperature coefficient ±8ppm/°C reading (typically)
Non-Linearity 0.01% of full scale
Input noise less than ±0.6µ Vp-p
Input Impedance 10M ohms minimum
A/D Conversion Method Delta Sigma
A/D Resolution 1,000,000 counts
Maximum Displayed Resolution 16,000 counts (this limitation can be bypassed)
A/D Conversion Rate 100 times/second

Digital Section
Main Display 7 digit, 7 segment blue fluorescent display, 18mm character height
Sub Display 54 digit, 7 segment / 5 x 7 dots (54 digits)
Status Display / Symbols 8 displays, 10 symbols (5 x 7 dots)

External Output Section
Control I/O Inputs 11, Outputs 11
Standard Serial I/F (ch.1) RS-485 (terminal)
Standard Serial I/F (ch.2) Current Loop (terminal)

Power AC 85V - 250 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption approximately 30VA
Operating temperature range -5°C - 40°C (23°F - 104°F)
Operating Humidity Less than 85% RH (non-condensing)
Weight approximately 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

7.32 w x 3.62 h inches (186 x 92 mm)


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