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TorRey L-PC-40L-HS - Price Computing Legal for Trade Scales

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Are you looking for an affordable and reliable farmers market scale? Look no further than the L-PC-40L-HS Price Computing Scale from TOR REY. The L-PC-40L-HS is IDEAL for weighing fruits and vegetables, is easy to clean and use and is LEGAL FOR TRADE (NTEP).
TorRey L-PC-40L-HS - Price Computing Legal for Trade Scales
Legal For Trade Canada Measurement Legal
Specifications Chart
TorRey L-PC-40L-HS - Price Computing Legal for Trade Scales

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Godex DT2 Printer for Torrey scales
Godex DT2 Printer for Torrey scales, add $299.00
RS-232 Cable  Male to Female for TorRey  to  DT2 Printer
RS-232 Cable Male to Female for TorRey to DT2 Printer, add $35.00
Torrey DT2LBLBLA10 58 x 62,865mm Continuous Strip Thermal labels 10 Rolls for DT2 Printer
Torrey DT2LBLBLA10 58 x 62,865mm Continuous Strip Thermal labels 10 Rolls for DT2 Printer, add $89.00

Don’t have a lot of counter space but need a price computing scale for your business? Then look no further than the L-PC-40L-HS from TOR REY! With a footprint of only 9" x 12", this compact scale has the functionality you demand without requiring a lot of space!

The L-PC-40L-HS is an invaluable tool for markets, delis, grocery stores, butcher shops, bakeries, farmer’s markets, produce stands and more. Designed for minimum maintenance, the L-PC-40L-HS offers an easy-to-operate keypad and easy-to-read displays on the front and back to take the guesswork out of calculations. Compact and portable, the L-PC-40L-HS features 4 direct access memory keys to provide easy access to your most common items with the added functionality to retrieve information on up to 100 additional items. This scale will meet virtually any weighing need and can function in a variety of settings thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery and AC adapter.

The L-PC-40L-HS will expedite the customer service process and help avoid weighing mistakes by providing minimum divisions to 0.01 lbs on this 40 lb capacity scale. The stainless steel cabinet and detachable platter are easy to clean and a built-in serial port offers easy PC/printer communication.

So whether you’re selling produce in a farmer’s market, weighing fudge in a candy shop or pricing sliced ham in a deli, the compact and economical L-PC-40L-HS offers what you need. So if you need a dependable and functional scale at a very affordable price, choose the L-PC-40L-HS from TOR REY. Click on our dealer link to find a dealer near you.

The L-PC-40L-HS scales are capable to store the price of 100 products and its 4 direct access memory keys.

A backlight alphanumeric liquid crystal display enhance visibility even in dark areas.

The color coded keyboard allows basic and advanced operations for ease of use.

The L-PC-40L-HS operates with an AC adapter or a long lasting rechargeable battery (100 hours approximately) BATTERY INCLUDED

PC communication
Includes PC or printer interface through serial port RS-232

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet & Platter
  • 9" x 12" Platter
  • 100 Price Memories
  • 4 Direct Access Keys
  • 40 lb Capacity x 0.01 lbs Precision
  • Tare/Zero/Pre-Pack Functions
  • Front/Rear LCD Displays with Backlight
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Spec PDF

Model L-PC-40L-HS L-PC-40L-Print
TorRey L-PC-40L-HS, Legal for Trade Price Computing Scale 40 x 0.01 lb
TorRey L-PC-40L-HS, Legal for Trade Price Computing Scale with Printer and Cable 40 x 0.01 lb
Capacity x Readability 40 lb x 0.01 lb 40 lb x 0.01 lb
PLU 100 (4 direct access memory keys)
Legal For trade NTEP #06-046
Legal For Trade Canada AM-5463C Rev.2
Display Liquid crystal display with a backlight
Power Rechargeable battery (100 hours) and AC adapter
Computer Interface RS-232
Printer Optional Included With Cable
Maximum tare 40 lb
Platter Size 9" x 12"
Maximum price 999.99
Maximum price $/max 9999.99
Operation temperature -10 to 40 oC (14 to 104oF)
Storage temperature -20 to 50 oC (-4 to 122oF)
Net weight (Scale Only) 4.62 kg
Shipping weight (Scale Only) 6.02 kg

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