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Fairbanks Yellow Jacket Legal For Trade Floor Scale Fairbanks Scales
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Designed with a durable Type A36 carbon steel construction and Fairbanks' exclusive state-of-the-art weighbridge, the Fairbanks Yellow Jacket Floor scales feature 150% overload protection with a ultra low 3.0" profile providing a tough, reliable scale platform that is built to last. The Yellow Jacket comes factory calibrated to 2500 x 0.5 lbs or 5000 x 1 lbs with the Fairbanks FB1100 Series instrument.

38398, 38400 with FB1200

38399, 38401 with FB1100-SS

93812 with FB2250

93813 with FB2250-SS
Fairbanks Yellow Jacket Legal For Trade Floor Scale

Specifications Chart

Legal For Trade
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Specifications Chart

Designed with a durable Type A36 carbon steel construction and Fairbanks exclusive state-of-the-art weighbridge, the Fairbanks Yellow Jacket floor scales feature 150% overload protection with a ultra low 3.0" profile providing a tough, reliable scale platform that is built to last.

The Yellow Jacket Floor Scale is finished with a safety yellow powder coat paint that is easy for forklift operators to see, even in low-light warehouse environments. The scale is constructed of durable Type A36 carbon steel and has a unique multi-ribbed understructure support design, made to provide years of uninterrupted and accurate performance.

GREAT CHOICE FOR A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS The Yellow Jacket is available in a 4’ x 4’ design, with either 2,500 pound or 5,000 pound capacity. Fairbanks engineers created this revolutionary scale for optimum weight analysis. Its design meets or exceeds most application requirements. A competitive offering in a competitive market — the Yellow Jacket Floor Scale.


  • Two capacities: 2,500 lbs. and 5,000 lbs.
  • 4 x 4 ft platforms with 3 in profile.
  • 1/4 in thick deck plate with lifting eyebolts.
  • Safety tread or smooth deck.
  • Durable, non-slip powder coat paint (safety yellow).
  • NTEP and FM approved load cells.
  • NTEP approved platform.
  • Unique multi-ribbed understructure support.
  • Top access leveling with built-in bubble level

FB1200 Indicator info

Durable instrument for industrial weighing applications with analog floor scales, bench scales, livestock scales, and weighing assemblies. NTEP approved and available in a NEMA 4X or NEMA 4 enclosure

Fairbanks Scales FB1200 is a flexible, economical solution for industrial weighing applications. With a range of features and multiple communication options, the FB1200 can fulfill a variety of customer needs at a highly competitive price. Among basic instruments on today’s market, the FB1200 is unique in that it has a number of “beyond basic” functions and features, including digital inputs and outputs that simplify its integration with other aspects of an operation, such as a PLC.

The FB1200 has competitive features, ideal for customers who:
  • Need to view or print Gross Weights.
  • Need to stream weight to a PC over a serial port.
  • Use Piece Counting and Accumulation for inventory control.
  • Use Checkweighing for quality control.
  • Use Peak Hold for stress testing materials
  • The FB1200 NEMA 4 resin alloy enclosure is resistant to dust and water ingress and can stand up to the rigors of modern factory or warehouse operations.
  • The FB1200 NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure has additional corrosion protection features and is the obvious choice for environments that process caustic materials.
Beyond Basic Features
  • Compatible with any manufacturers’ analog floor, bench or tank scales.
  • Durable, quality construction and engineering at economic price.
  • Features drop-and-drag interface for customizing printed tickets.
  • NTEP and MC approved for legal-for-trade applications.
  • Three-zone product checkweighing.
  • Digital I/O for easy process integration.
  • Use with or as a remote display.
  • Desktop/wall mount bracket included
Beyond Basic Functions
  • Piece Counting - The FB1200 piece counting function allows users to quickly manage inventory of materials, large or small. Weigh any quantity sample size and the FB1200 will automatically scale the quantity to additional weight.
  • Accumulation - Accumulate multiple weighments by gross weight, net weight, or piece count, to manage inventory.
  • PEAK HOLD (stress test) - Use the FB1200 to “stress test” materials, holding the highest weight reached even after it is removed.
  • Livestock Filter - The FB1200 livestock filter can find the weight of moving loads (such as cattle) by filtering the input and calculating a true weight.
Function Keys Simplify Front Panel Operations
  1. ON/OFF — One touch to power up or down. UNITS — Six selectable units (lb, kg, oz, g, T, t) and one programmable unit for lb-oz or other custom measure. Units key also used with piece count and accumulation features.
  2. B/G / NET — One-push selection from Gross weight to Net weight. Also used during accumulation and piece count operations and to set sleep timer.
  3. ZERO — Quickly zero off weight on the scale.
  4. PRINT — Custom or standard print formats. This key is also used to set clock format, time and date, and during Peak Hold operations.
  5. TARE — Deducts container weight from the total weight.
  6. F1 — Additional application-specific functions are assigned to the F1 key.

PC Utility
The FB1200 has an easy-to-use PC Utility designed with OEMs in mind, allowing rapid configuration and calibration processes. An optical communication port located on the front of the FB1200 allows for Utility connection without the need to open the enclosure. Changes made through the FB1200 Viewer are fast and take effect immediately, allowing for real time instrument configuration.


Models 93812 93813 38398 38399 38400 38401
Fairbanks 93812 Yellow Ja
Fairbanks 93813 Yellow Ja
Fairbanks 38398 Yellow Ja
Fairbanks 38399 Yellow Ja
Fairbanks 38400 Yellow Ja
Fairbanks 38401 Yellow Ja
Capacity x Readability 5000 x 1 lb 5000 x 1 lb 2500 x 0.5 lb 2500 x 0.5 lb 5000 x 1 lb 5000 x 1 lb
Indicator FB2250 (ABS) FB2250 (SS) FB1200 (ABS) FB1200 (SS) FB1200 (ABS) FB1200 (SS)
Legal for Trade Indicator NTEP CC# 09-023 - Base NTEP CC# 10-008, CC# 06-079 Indicator NTEP CC# 20-097 - Base NTEP CC# 10-008, CC# 06-079
Platform Size 4 x 4 ft
Units Lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz, or custom Lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz, or custom Lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz, or custom Lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz, or custom Lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz, or custom Lb, kg, oz, g, lb-oz, or custom
Output COM1: RS232,RS422,RS485
COM2: RS232,RS422,RS485
COM1: RS232, 20 mA
COM2: RS232, RS485
Power Requirements Choice of AC or AC/DC
(requires 5 D cell batteries)
AC power
Platform Height 3"
Overload Capacity 150% of rated scale capacity
Cable Length 30 (platform to instrument)
Platform Construction Mild steel: Type A36 carbon steel 0.25" thick deck (smooth or safety tread)
Paint Safety yellow powder coat paint
Grade Level In operation, scale must be firmly supported at all four corners and within 3° of level
Accessories Ramps, bumper guards, lifting eyebolts, bolt down plates, quick disconnects, stand-alone pillar, factory calibration
Construction Mild steel
Resistance 350 (Omega) ± 2 (Omega)
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