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Adam Equipment PGW Precision Balances Adam Equipment
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The PGW Series of Precision Balances are designed to meet the needs of Laboratories, Schools, Industry and commercial users offering a wide range of applications

Specifications Chart

Adam Equipment’s PW analytical and PGW precision balances are designed to deliver the ultimate in speed and accuracy in an easyto- use and reliable model. The attractive functional design and advanced features make the PW and PGW series your best choice for your laboratory balances.

The series incorporates the very latest generation of software, which has a deceptively simple user interface for easy setup and control of a wide range of smart functions and security features, allowing simple and advanced weighing applications to be executed on the spot, without the need for complex calculations. All the features are packaged into a high power, high performance balance, saving you valuable time and resources.

The PW and PGW combine the latest in product development with a company committed to your weighing needs, giving you the perfect balance of speed, performance and value.

Track and record inventory with parts counting
The dual display gives true flexibility for counting parts, so whether your application involves pharmaceuticals or small manufacturing components with a high counting accuracy, the PW and PGW are ideally suited for you. The display shows both the total weight on the platform as well as the number of pieces counted and, at the touch of a button, the unit weight of one piece can be displayed.

Quality control checks made simple
Filling and checking the weight of objects with these balances makes it easy to meet your quality control expectations. Set your own limits and the display will indicate when the weight is too low, too high or on the mark and a selectable warning indicates when you are on target. The software’s true flexibility lets you select one or two target points. Use the capacity tracker to give you a visual perspective of your check weighing.

Adam Equipment PGW Precision Balances

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Adam Equipment 3074010507 RS-232 to USB Interface Cable
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Adam Equipment 302126013 Below Balance Hanger for PW/PGW/PGL
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Adam Equipment  700100046 Kensington-type lock and cable
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8023 AdamLab Printer
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Adam Equipment  301007078 Dust Cover for PQW/PGL
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Adam Equipment 3074010266 RS-232 Cable (Null Modem Type)
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9192 Thermal Paper for Adam Printer (5 Pack)
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Adam Equipment 600002028 AdamDU - Data Collection Program
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Adam Equipment 1040008036 Anti-Vibration Table
Adam Equipment 1040008036 Anti-Vibration Table , add $760.50

Specifications Chart

Percentage weight calculations on the spot
You can compare your products against a master sample reference weight for quality control and, using the percentage weighing feature, the balance does all the calculations for you and displays the variations as a percentage.

Control fluctuations while you weigh
The animal/dynamic weighing mode helps you get the best readings when your environment or application is affected by influences including vibrations, oscillation or movement of objects on the platform, or air movements. The PW and PGW give you the control by allowing the user to select the appropriate filter speed for the best response.

Track weights of tared objects and their contents
Simply using the tare key, you can automatically track every component of the weighing process, whether you need to know the value of the tared container, the goods it contains, or the total of both together. The PW and PGW’s dual display can show both the total gross weight and the net weight at the same time when needed.

Calculate and measure weights in a batch
You can use the totalisation features to calculate each item’s weight in a batch, as well as the total during the weighing process. The data can be recalled on the screen and transmitted to a computer or printer for further analysis.

Perform density measurements of liquids and solids
Whether your application involves density measurements of liquids or solids, density calculations are simple with the built-in software that guides you through the application as you work. Below-balance weighing access is standard on all models for the ability to perform density and other weighing needs under the balance. An optional density kit for the PW and PGW (mg balances) for above density calculations or a below-balance weighing hook are available.

Weighing and customised units
Up to 18 weighing units are included as standard, offering you the flexibility needed for every laboratory application. One custom unit allows you to perform independent custom calculations. For example; using the PW and PGW to work out a cost per weight reading, or a weight per square metre, gives you added flexibility.

Distinctive and informative display
The large backlit LCD display has clear digits so critical data is always in view, a capacity tracker means that you always know where you are in the weighing range and an integrated second digital display shows additional information including text prompts, time / date and piece weight.

Wide-ranging data communication options
The standard bi-directional RS-232 communications port integrates fully with a computer or connects to a printer, allowing easy output of information as well as a variety of other accessible options. A second port enables future expansion for external devices.

Safety and security features
Adam’s state-of-the-art technology provides a number of features to keep your balance safe and secure. Password protection software can be enabled, preventing unauthorised use. There is also an integral security mounting point for a Kensington™ type lock and cable.

Smart and stylish design
The PW and PGW balances meet the standards of reliability and quality that Adam’s customers expect. The metal housing is much more rugged than plastic cases and has been designed to divert spills away. The large, stainless steel pan can be removed for easy cleaning or storage.

  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface to communicate to printers or computers
  • GLP compliant print outs for better record keeping
  • Date and time function
  • Security slot for Kensington™ type lock
  • Internal calibration with auto calibration for temperature changes or set time
  • Color coded keys to distinguish frequently used keys
  • Large backlit LCD with dual text display and multi-language settings
  • Capacity tracker to show how much weighing capacity has been used
  • Up to 17 weighing units (including one custom unit)
  • Glass draft shield supplied as standard

  • Model Ext. Cal PGW-153e PGW-253e PGW-453e PGW-603e PGW-753e PGW-1502e PGW-2502e PGW-3502e PGW-4502e PGW-6002e
    Adam Equipment  PGW-153e
    - Adam Equipment PGW-453e P
    Adam Equipment PGW-603e P
    Adam Equipment PGW 753e P
    - Adam Equipment PGW-2502e
    - - Adam Equipment  PGW-6002e
    Model Int. Cal PGW-153i PGW-253i PGW-453i PGW-603i PGW-1502i PGW-2502i PGW-3502i PGW-4502i PGW-6002i
    Adam Equipment PGW-153i
    Adam Equipment  PGW-253i
    Adam Equipment PGW-453i P
    Adam Equipment PGW-603i P
    Adam Equipment PGW-1502i
    Adam Equipment PGW-2502i
    - Adam Equipment  PGW-4502i
    Maximum capacity 150g 250g 450g 600g 1500g 2500g 3500g 4500g 6000g
    Readability 0.001g 0.01g
    Repeatability (S.D.) 0.001g 0.002g 0.001g 0.002g 0.01g 0.02g
    Linearity (±) 0.002g 0.003g 0.002g 0.003g 0.02g 0.03g
    Pan size 5.5” x 5.5” / 140 x 140mm 7.6” x 7.6” / 192 x 192mm
    Units of measurement Gram (g), Kilogram (kg), Milligram (mg), Carat (ct), Pound (lb), Ounce (Oz), Dram(d), Grain (GN), Troy Ounce (Ozt), Pennyweight (dWt), Momme (MM), Taels Hk. (TL.H), Taels S. (TL.S), Taels T. (TL.T), Tical (ti), Newton (N), Custom unit
    Interface Bi-directional RS-232 interface
    Calibration Internal or external, selectable automatic calibration due to change in time or temperature Models with an “i” have internal calibration, models with an “e” are external calibration
    Display Backlit LCD with dual digits (1” / 24 mm high) and capacity tracker
    Power supply 15VDC, 50/60 Hz, 800 mA (Input Voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz) adapter
    Operating temperature 32°F to 104°F / 10°C to 40°C
    Housing Die cast aluminum housing
    Draft shield Square glass draft shield -
    Draft shield dimensions 6.2” x 6.2” x 3.1” / 158 x 158 x 80mm -
    Overall dimensions (wxdxh) 9.9” x 14.1” x 4.1” / 251 x 358 x 104mm
    Net weight 12.1lb / 5.5kg
    Applications Weighing , Net / Total ,Check weighing , Percentage weighing , Weight accumulation , Averaging ,Parts counting,Animal / dynamic weighing,Density determination,Below balance weighing
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