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Sartorius QC Waterproof High Resolution Scales

Sartorius QC Waterproof High Resolution Scales
Price: $1450

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Statistical Data Printer (YDP20-0CE), Add $1147.50

Shipping Wt: 20 lbs

Sartorius QC Waterproof High Resolution Scale

High-resolution, universal scales thanks to their versatile application programs and extensive features. Sartorius QC Quality is intelligent enough to adapt to (nearly) any industrial application - right at the touch of a key

  • Rugged construction
  • Total ease of operation
  • Built-in application programs (weighing, counting, checkweighing, formulation or recipe weighing, filling, totalizing, printing or storing data)
  • Automatic optimizing of the average piece weight
  • Automatic container taring function
  • 25 non-volatile product memories for storing your products values and customized designations
  • 10-key numeric keypad that enables you to enter the reference piece count, average piece weight, checkweighing values and tolerances, IDs, etc.
    2-line printout header (alphanumeric)
  • Totalizing memory
  • Detachable display, 2.5 m cable
  • Weigh in and count to a target weight/piece count
  • Large weighing platforms
  • Backlit LCD mounted on a column
  • Analog bar graph display
  • Built-in data interface as a standard feature
  • HELP cards insertable in the display dust cover


  • Capacity: 5 kg
  • Readability: 0.1 g
  • Reproducibility: 0.2 g
  • Linearity: 0.2 g
  • Platform: 12.6 x 9.5 inches


Available Accessories for the Sartorius QC Scales

Model Description Price  
YDP20-0CE Data Printer with statistics and time/date functions, included cable fits RS232 $1147.50

6906918 Ink Ribbon (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $42.50

6906937 Printer Paper, large size (internal), package of 5 rolls (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $38.25

YDP04IS-0CEV120 Strip and Label Printer $830

69Y03090 Paper , three rolls, heat sensitive for YDP04IS-0CEV120 $75.60

69Y03092 Labels, Self-adhesive for YDP04IS-0CEV120, 2 x 1 inch, 1135 qty $6.30

69Y03093 Labels, Self-adhesive for YDP04IS-0CEV120, 2 x 3 inch, 500 qty $58.50

69Y03094 Labels, Self-adhesive for YDP04IS-0CEV120, 2 x 4 inch, 380 qty $71.10

YRD02Z Remote Display, reflective, 3 foot (fits RS232) $392.40

QLC-97 Quad Limit Controller (fits RS232), requires YCC01-0016M3 $940

LD2 Locking Device, anti-theft $61.20

69EA0039 Below Balance Weighing Hook $8

YRB06Z Battery Pack, rechargeable, external, approximately 28 hours of operation $548.10

YRD11Z Indicator, Red-Green-Red, for over/under checkweighing, fits RS232C and checkweighing software (YCC01-0016M3 cable required), 9 ft $660.45

YCC01-0016M3 Adapter Cable, to connect QC to Sartorius accessories, 9.8 ft, 12-pin round mail to 25-pin D-sub (female) connector $275.50

69QC0010 Connector, round male 12-pin for configuring your own cable $80

69QC0011 Connector, round female 12-pin for configuring your own cable $75

6960IB01 Dust Cover, for display unit (standard with unit) $43


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Printer

Sartorius YDP03-OCE Statistical Printer


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Data Printer
Price - $1147.50

Printer Paper, 5 rolls (6906937), Add $38.25
Printer Ink Ribbon, (6906918), Add $42.50


The YDP20-0CE data printer is designed to receive weighing data from a connected weighing instrument and print it on plain paper (roll width: 57.5 mm), with up to 24 characters per line. The data printer is equipped with a real-time clock. After the printer has been configured according to the required settings, it is suitable for use as auxiliary apparatus in legal metrology.

The following can be computed/printed out:
  • Number of weighing operations
  • Mean value
  • Standard deviation
  • Variation coefficient
  • Minimum value/weight
  • Maximum value/weight
  • Difference between the maximum and minimum value/weight

The YDP20-0CE data printer meets the quality standards of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in compliance with the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). In addition to recording individual weighing data, the data printer can generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. All values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. The following can be printed out, depending on your printer configuration: ? Number of weighing operations
? Mean value
? Standard deviation
? Variation coefficient
? Lowest measured value
? Highest measured value
? Difference between lowest and highest measured values
? Date and time

Data is transferred either automatically or manually, at the press of a key.
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