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Chatillon LTCM-100 Motorized Test Stands (100 lb capacity) Chatillon
The CHATILLONŽ LTCM100 Series is an economical, motorized tester optimized for product floor operation. When combined with a Chatillon DF Series digital force gauge, it provides users with an easy-to-use testing system for tensile, compression, peel and flexural testing applications
Chatillon LTCM-100 Motorized Test Stand

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The CHATILLONŽ LTCM100 Series is an economical, motorized tester optimized for product floor operation. When combined with a Chatillon DF-II Series digital force gauge, it provides users with an easy-to-use testing system for tensile, compression, peel and flexural testing applications.

The LTCM100 Series features a large working area and 5-inch (130mm) throat ideal for large sample sizes. The base features pre-drilled holes for fitting fixtures and specialized testing jigs. Crosshead travel is controlled from a simple console or using an optional footswitch controller. Crosshead travel extends to 15 inches (380mm). Speed may be set from 0.2 to 20 in/min or 5 to 500 mm/min. A digital display indicates the travel speed during a test. The return speed may be configured to automatically return at maximum speed. Mechanical deflection limits, located on the column face can be used to set travel limit setpoints. The crosshead will stop when either the upper or lower deflection limit is contacted.

Chatillon LTCM-100 Motorized Test Stand

Price: $3633.75

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Foot Switch for MT-150, Add $294.50
DF/ DF II Gauge Interface Cable for MT-150, Add $152.95
Crosshead Travel Extension Arm (19", 480mm), Add $247.00

Shipping Wt:  70 lbs

The LTCM100 Series is supplied with a hook and compression plate and certificate of conformance.

Shown: A large work area simplifies testing setups especially for large samples. Pre-drilled holes make fitting fixtures and specialized testing jigs easy.
  • Tensile, Compression, Peel & Flexural Testing
  • Compact, Lightweight, Benchtop Design
  • Simple Operation
    • Console Controls for Speed & Travel
    • Optional Footswitch Control
    • Independent Return Speed
  • Mechanical Deflection Limits
  • Digital Load Limits (with Chatillon DF-II Gauge)
  • Large Working Area
  • 2 Year Manufacture Warranty

Easy Operation
The LTCM-100 console controls are intuitive and easy to use. Users can specify speed in either inches per minute or millimeters per minute. The speed control knob is used to adjust speed from 0.2 to 20.0 in/min or 0.5 to 500 mm/min. Speed accuracy is better than 3%. The Up and Down key is used to control crosshead direction.

Independent Return Speed
A separate return speed switch can be positioned so that the crosshead returns to zero at maximum speed or at the speed indicated by the display

Adjustable Deflection Limits
Deflection limit switches are supplied on the front of the column. The column contains increments in inches and millimeters for positioning the limit switches and for measuring sample deflection. Position and ?lock-in? a High and Low deflection limit to protect your gauge from overload conditions or for ending your test at a distance traveled. The crosshead travels up to 15-inches (380mm).

Ideal for Production or Lab
The LTCM-100?s rugged construction and simple operation make it ideal for production environments, laboratory applications or for R&D applications. Its lightweight design (38 lbs, 17.7 kg) makes it portable yet rugged enough for testing up to 110 lbf (500 N). Combine with a Chatillon DFS-II Series force gauge and you have a force measurement system with a load accuracy of better than 0.1% full scale. The tester is ideal for tensile, compression, peel, shear, and flexural testing when used with the appropriate grips/fixtures.

Large Working Area
The LTCM-100 features are large working area capable of securing samples up to 10-inches in diameter. The crosshead throat is greater than 5-inches (127mm).

Flexible Fixturing
The crosshead has been optimized for use with Chatillon DF Series digital forces gauges. The DF Series mount directly to the crosshead without special adapters. The work surface features 13 individual mounting holes (#10-32) for installing grips or special fixtures.

Crosshead Travel Extension
The optional crosshead travel extension arm can be used when testing very elastic samples. This accessory adds an additional 15-inches (380mm) of travel for your sample


  LTCM-100 LTCM-100-EU LTCM-100-UK
Price $3633.75
Capacity 110 lbf, 500 N
Power US 110/230V Switchable 230V EU Plug 230V UK Plug
Crosshead Speed 0.2 to 20.0 in/min
5 to 500 mm/min
Return Speed 20 in/min, 500mm/min
Speed Accuracy +\- 3% Unloaded
Travel Distance 15 inches (380mm)
Power 110/230V Switchable
Load Measurement Chatillon DF Gauges / DF-II Gauges
Operating Temperature 40°F to 110°F
5°C to 45°C
Instrument Weight 39 lbs (18 kg)
Included n the box hook and compression plate and certificate of conformance
Shipping Weight 50 lbs (23 kg)

Shown: Control panel is designed to promote ease-of-use. All controls are located on the control panel and away from the work area, making the LTCM100 Series ideal for busy production environments.

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