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Monthly Specials
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(within the 48 continental United States)
Sartorius M-PROVE AY711 Digital Balances
Sartorius M-PROVE AY1501 Digital Balances 710 x 0.1 g
Multiple weighing modes and applications
List Price: $199.00
This month only $169.95
Tanita KD-200 Portable Digital Scales
Tanita KD-200 electronic scales Ideal for use in the food service industry for portion control or other food weighing
List Price: $84.95
This month only $79.95
Ohaus Scout Pro Balances w/ Free Case
Ohaus Scout Pro Balance Multiple Weighing Units, Multiple Application Modes, USB or RS232 Connectivity ...
Free Shipping
List Price $589.95
This month only $420.00
Ohaus CS Scale w/ Free Postal Chart
Ohaus electronic scales Portable scale perfectly suited for use in laboratory, industrial, education and home use
Free Shipping
List Price $99.95
This month only $105.00
Ohaus SPJ601 Portable Scale
Ohaus SPJ601 Jewelry Scale 600 g x 0.1 g
This Portable Scale is powerd be batteries or by a AC adapter and includes a calibration weight
List Price $204.00
This month only $139.95
Ohaus SD-35 Economical Shipping Scale
Ohaus SD-35 Digital Balances 77 lb x 0.05 lb
Weighs in pounds and kilograms
Free Shipping
List Price $159.95
This month only $152.25
CAS SW-50 Scale - Legal for Trade
CAS SW-50 Scale - Legal for Trade 50 x 0.02 lb
Portable digital scale battery operated and NTEP approved
Free Shipping
List Price $200.00
This month only from $157.50
DigiWeigh DW-1000BX Pocket Scale
DigiWeigh DW-600BX Pocket Scale 1000 x 0.1 g
Weighing Modes: grams, ounces, pennyweight, troy ounces
Free Shipping
List Price $49.95
This month only $24.95
Mettler Toledo© PS60 Shipping Scale
PS60 Shipping Scale 150 lb x 0.05 lb
Legal for Trade Shipping Scale
List Price: $586.00
This month only $585.00
TorRey Price Computing, 40 x 0.01 lb
TorRey Price Computing Legal for Trade - Price Computing Scale with Rechargeable Battery
List Price: $199.95
This month only $149.00
Salter Brecknell DSB Floor Scales
Brecknell DSB3636-02.5 2500 x 0.5 lb
5000 x 1 lb
10000 x 2 lb
Legal for Trade
List Price: $995.00
This month only From $725.00
TorRey LSQ-40L Price Computing - 40 x 0.01 lb
TorRey LSQ-40L Legal for Trade - Price Computing Scale with With Built in Printer
List Price: $999.95
This month only $699.00
Salter Brecknell PS-USB Legal for Trade Shipping Scale
Salter Brecknell PS-USB Heavy duty cast aluminum base with stainless steel platter, USB or RS232 Connectivity ...
Free Shipping
List Price $495.95
This month only $349.95
Salter Brecknell 6030 Water Proof Portion Control Scale
Brecknell 816965006557 IP67 6030 Water Proof Portion Control Scale 10 x 0.002 lb IP67 Water Proof ,Selectable modes g, lb, oz, lb:oz , 10 x 0.002 lb ...
Free Shipping
List Price $129.95
This month only $84.95
Salter Brecknell Sale
MS-1000 Bariatric/Handrail Scale
Brecknell MS-1000
1000 x 0.5 lb
Low Profile? 63.5 mm (2.5") high
List Price: $1030.00
Now only $599.00
HS-250 Digital Physician Scale
Salter HS-250 Physician Beam Scale
550 x 0.2 lb
Rollers Included for Easy Transport
List Price: $430.00
Now only $339.00
PS-500 Floor/Vet Scales
Tanita KD-200 electronic scales
500 x 0.2 lb
This durable digital floor scale / vet scale offers unparalleled weighing performance
List Price: $310.00
Now only $270.00
PS-2000 Floor/Vet Scales
Salter Brecknell PS-Series Floor Scales / Veterinary Scales
2000 x 1 lb
This floor scale is portable, weighing only 60 lbs
List Price: $630.00
Now only $540.00
PS-3000HD Floor/Vet Scales
Salter Brecknell PS-3000HD Floor - Veterinary Scale, 3000 x 1 lb
3000 x 1 lb
Accurate and reliable: ideal for accurately weighing
List Price: $920.00
Now only $795.00

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